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Welcome Visitors!

A Parishioner's thoughts...
"My husband and I have been attending St. Patrick's since moving here in 2003 and have found the church family to be one of the warmest and most loving we have ever encountered.  In addition, it is one of those rare churches where the men of the church are as actively involved as the women.  This spoke to us as a couple because we believe that balance in worship and fellowship is important.  The St. Patrick's congregation truly reaches out in support to those in need by offering a warm, open and welcoming community for all.  It is hard for us to express how blessed we have felt by our involvement in the St. Patrick's Church family."

The Who, What, When, Where and Why of St. Patrick's Episcopal Church:

WHO - Like most Pagosa Churches, the size of our church fluctuates with the seasons.  With about 150 baptized members, the attendance on any given Sunday varies between 75-100.  Most of our congregation are retired or in the close-to-retired age group.  We are in the process of growing our youth program and currently offer a Sunday morning program for pre-school through elementary.  Plans are being developed to revitalize programming for older youth and this is an exceptional opportunity for those with special interest and leadership in this area to assist with program development.

Finally, we are of the Episcopal denomination but practice a commitment to being a church that is open to all.  We have many members who have come to us from other faiths.  We believe that we come together to worship one God and that we are richer by the presence of those outside the “traditional” Episcopal orientation.

WHAT - We currently offer a Sunday service at 10:00 am and Christian Education for both adults and youth.  In addition, we offer a Wednesday Contemplative Prayer and Healing Service. 

A variety of activities are offered at the church including both men’s and women’s groups, choir, monthly potluck get-togethers, our annual Shamrock Festival (a fund raiser open to and for the community), Prayer Quilt Ministry, Daughters of the King prayer and service group as well as our outreach and mission involvement with the local Navajo and Hopi tribes and mission programs in Honduras. 

In addition to the above, we were participants in the conception of the Pagosa Outreach Committee and continue to provide on-going financial and volunteer support for this much needed community resource.  We are also actively involved in the weekly open community meals program - Loaves and Fishes. 

Our mission statement is “St. Patrick’s is God’s house, open to all, a community called to love and serve the Lord by God’s grace with joy and gratitude.” It is our belief that there is something at St. Patrick’s for anyone who desires to be involved. 

WHEN and WHERE - All activities at St. Patrick’s are open to the public and anyone who is interested in participating.  The weekly Sunday morning bulletin and monthly Church newsletter provide information on events taking place at the church as well as community activities where we join with other churches and organizations for special activities.

WHY - As an Episcopal church we believe in Christ and our worship is rooted in the scripture.  We are a sacramental and worship-oriented church that strives to fulfill what we believe God is calling us to do. We are very service oriented and express our faith in outreach emanating from our personal and growing relationship with a very real and living God. 

On a more pragmatic level, if you attend an Episcopal church you will encounter The Book of Common Prayer that guides us through our weekly worship services.  Each week you will hear scripture readings and be an active participant in each service through your involvement in worship.  You will be invited weekly to receive communion at a table/altar that we believe is open to all believers.

Should you decide to attend St. Patrick’s to “check it out”, we will be happy to greet  you and have you join us at coffee hour which is always worth a visit!   We are a church that loves to eat!